12 - 13 March, 2019
Mumbai, India


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Presentation: Meeting challenges in supertall design and construction

Presentation: High-Rise Steel Construction - Unmatched benefits of using steel

  • Overview and Application of Steel Materials for High-Rise Buildings
  • Optimum design of high-rise steel buildings
  • Lightweight steel and High-rise buildings
  • Steel framed solutions for multi-level construction
  • Structural Steel Framing Options for High-Rise Buildings

Presentation: The Evolution of Elevators: Reaching New Heights with Mobility & Vertical Transportation

  • Vertical transportation meeting the rising needs of High-Rise Buildings
  • Re-engineering transit management systems for the mega tall buildings of today
  • Increased efficiency & safety with intelligent vertical transportation systems
  • Traffic-flow optimization for vertical transportation in skyscrapers

Panel Discussion – Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings - A rising Problem in India

  • How are High-Rise constructions built to withstand blazes
  • The need and impact of new sustainable materials, technologies and design strategies in tall buildings on fire and life safety performance
  • Development of better collaborations between architects, fire-engineers and the fire-fighting community
  • Fire and life safety issues in tall buildings in developed and developing countries

Presentation: Are you BIM ready? Integrating BIM Technology into High-Rise Architecture

  • Interpretation and evaluation of Building Information Models (BIM) in support of design and construction coordination
  • Techniques to formalize construction and operations knowledge with the use of BIM
  • Construction Data Management: Unifying BIM Data Across Project Phases, Team Members, and Modelling Tools

Fireside chat: The rise of the Smart Skyscraper. What makes a skyscraper ‘smart’?

  • Energy saving measures, environmentally friendly features, and sustainable design
  • Cost-cutting and minimising the use of materials
  • Tailoring the user’s experience
  • Seamless interconnection between high-rise residencies and modes of transport

Presentation: The Architectural Skin- Technical and Architectural Advantages of Facade System

  • High performance building façades
  • The complexity of facades and the risks involved; choosing the right facade
  • Façade planning and execution
  • Future facades: designs, technologies & materials
  • Smarter Facades- improving efficiency and providing clean energy

Panel Discussion: Smart Building & Intelligent Homes- The Future of High-Rise Living

  • Optimal intersection of personalized digital technology and building management
  • The Adaptive Role of Tomorrow’s Smart Buildings
  • “Smart Cities Start with Smart Buildings”

Presentation: Standing strong against natural disasters - Structural Performance, Multi-Hazard Design and Geotechnics

  • The validation of modelling assumptions for wind, lightening and seismic loading
  • Improving tall building protection from multi-hazard events such as seismic and wind events, blast, plane impact, tornadoes, etc.
  • The development of design criteria to determine the appropriate level of safety for tall buildings in extreme events
  • The development of holistic performance-based multi-hazard design and analysis of tall buildings across multiple disciplines

Fireside chat: Socially sustainable and eco-friendly tall building

  • Determining and calculating the holistic and integrated sustainable performance of tall buildings (including environmental, economic and social sustainability, integrated cost, carbon and energy analyses, etc.)
  • Post-occupancy evaluation of tall buildings to monitor real energy performance and water requirements in operation
  • Determining and calculating the whole life-cycle environmental impacts of tall buildings
  • Developing strategies and practices to reduce waste and waste water during tall building construction

Speech: High-rise design from a developer’s point of view – challenges, intricacies and insights

  • Developing aesthetically appealing projects while maintaining and encouraging sustainability.
  • The balancing act between buyer expectations and developer realities

Presentation: Impactful Project Management, Design and Construction of a High-Rise Building

  • Development of existing construction methods and systems for complex tall building projects
  • Strategies to increase the speed of tall building construction
  • Development of integrated software and tools, and their impact on tall building design, construction and logistics

Presentation: Powder Coating Technologies Supporting Skyscrapers Design and Energy Efficiency

  • Global specification and durability standards – AAMA (in US) and Qualicoat (in EU)
  • Specification coating systems per environment and type of project
  • How powder coatings support green building and fire propagation standards
  • Latest powder coating technologies (heat reflective and light reflective powder coatings
  • Scratch resistant pc, imitation of terracota, rust and wood etc.)

Panel Discussion: Are High-Rise Residential buildings the answer?
Even as the pressures of urbanization have led government and industry alike to conclude “there is no way but up” to accommodate the next generation of housing needs, it is far from settled that the ideal typologies of high-rise residential buildings have been established. Disconnection from nature, neighbors and context, as well as inflexibility for growing and changing families, are among the unresolved issues, compounded by lack of affordability. This panel will examines potential solutions.

Presentation: The ‘Concrete Initiative’ – Role of High Performance Concrete for High-Rise Structures

  • Enabling taller, lighter and more cost-effective high-rise construction
  • Ensuring high-strength, volume stability and extended life cycle
  • Quality control and production of high performance concrete
  • Growth Potential of Low carbon cement & technological innovations
  • Improving energy efficiency and profitability

Presentation: Lighting up the High-Rise – Best practices for Effective lighting

  • Lighting requirements for high-rise dwellings
  • Enhancing the beauty of façades by using the right lighting
  • Best practices for effective lighting
  • The importance and usage of High intensity obstruction lights

Presentation: Sky-High Water Delivery: Water Distribution, Use and Control in High-Rise Buildings

  • Water consumption pattern in high rising buildings and evolving water management
  • Conservation options - The Best Way to Reduce Water Use in High- Rise buildings
  • Energy efficiency of elevated water supply tanks for high-rise buildings
  • How to reduce water hammer in multi-storey building applications

Presentation: Damping Technologies for Tall Buildings: New Trends in Comfort and Safety

  • Influence and application of damping in high-rise buildings
  • Investigation of damping in high-rise buildings: Identification and prediction of damping in the serviceability limit state for wind-induced vibrations
  • Amplitude dependency of damping in buildings

Presentation: Stay ahead in Cable technology –Power supply for High-Rise buildings

  • High-end cables & cable solutions
  • Safely Installing, Maintaining and Inspecting Cables
  • Electrical installations and Lighting protection measures for High – rise building
  • High-Rise security and fire safety

Presentation: Lightening Protection for High-Rise buildings – Earthing & Lightning solutions

  • The importance of lightning protection
  • Mechanisms of lightning & effects of lightning strikes
  • Potential Damage Caused by Direct Lightning Strikes
  • Lightning Strike Prevention & Impact
  • The effects of lightning on a grounding system

Panel Discussion: The Evolving Role of an Architect in Designing a Skyscraper

  • High-rise buildings that characterize a city & its skyline – The brainchild of architects
  • Designing today’s skyscrapers – Can traditional and contemporary design co-exist?
  • How has technology impacted the design aspect in skyscraper construction?
  • Best practices for architects designing smart skyscrapers

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