12 - 13 March, 2019
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The high demand for settlement in the urban areas and a dearth of land space has resulted in the emergence of vertical cities to accommodate the high influx of population. India is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world. Tall buildings are the dominating symbols of the skylines of modern cities and are becoming increasingly man-made marvels. With every passing decade, the height of buildings has been increasing exponentially; technological advances are being incorporated into building constructions and factors such as wind, gravity and earthquake resistance are being given greater importance.
Organizations and individuals have taken it upon their shoulders to find the most innovative and effective ways to shape up the Indian skyline with their state-of-the-art, revolutionary projects in the high-rise construction sector.
The prestigious High-Rise Awards returns in 2019 to recognise and acknowledge such outstanding contribution by these trailblazing architects, designers, engineers, consultants and visionaries, whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures play a major role in the ‘Evolution of the Indian Skyline’.
HRIS Awards highlights and recognizes remarkable projects in terms of design, safety, innovation, sustainability, architecture and other elements.

Awards Objective

The purpose of High Rise India Awards is to encourage the development and implementation of innovative and outstanding High Rise projects in the country
    • To recognize and reward excellence in high-rise design/construction
    • To encourage innovation in high-rise structures/buildings
    • To promote effective, safe and sustainable high rise buildings
    • To safeguard and strengthen interest of stakeholders in the industry.

Awards Categories

HRIS Awards Jury Members

Utpal Deka

Utpal Deka

Former Smart Cities Mission : National Team Leader - Capacity Building for Urban Development in India
Ministry of Urban Development
Umesh Joshi

Umesh Joshi

JW Consultants
Hans Brouwer

Hans Brouwer

HB Design
Anoj Tevatia

Anoj Tevatia

Design Forum International
Gautham RK

Gautham RK

Director – Sustainability
Cushman and Wakefield India
R Venkatesa Perumal

R Venkatesa Perumal

Project Head
Atkins India
Manoj H Rathod

Manoj H Rathod

Founder & Design Director
H-AO Architects

Guidelines & FAQ

  • Nominations should bear signature(s) of the official(s) filing the nomination
  • Attach 3-5 pictures of the project with the entry
  • Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition.
  • The project/s should be a minimum height of 32 meters
  • The project/s should be in India
Can I nominate if the project is not a high-rise?
Projects of a minimum height of 32 meters are eligible for nomination. Any project which does not meet this criterion, will not be considered for the Awards/Summit.
Find your respective category and click on the “nominate’ button to fill up the form.
An individual can file up to 2 nominations (one self-nomination and one third party nomination)
You can share links of files/pictures/videos or any other supporting documents videos at the time of filing the nomination.
Projects from India are only eligible for nomination.
The concerned heads of departments of the entities should file the nominations themselves.
If a rare case arises where you cannot seem to submit your nomination through the links on the website, drop us an email on info@highriseindiasummit.com
For more information, drop us an email on info@highriseindiasummit.com or call us on +91 80 4626 4444

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